Military collided with aliens underwaterover three meters

We have become accustomed to reading and listening to “flying saucers”,
various mysterious lights in the sky and other supernatural
air phenomena. And only occasionally mentioned that the aliens
on their fantastic machines can at tremendous speed
go under the water and just as lightning fly out of the sea

We conclude: aliens have their underwater bases in the oceans.
However, the underwater world, dominated by aliens, is also undivided,
as in the air, and which is much less likely to fall on the page
Media covered only from the inhabitant. The fact is that meeting with
underwater aliens are fixed only by the military, even in our days,
since at the great depths of the oceans and seas are all these mysterious
objects are able to charge go even meet only military
ships and submarines, while the “flying saucer” can
Take off on a regular smartphone any person.

Presented a new documentary about alien secrets
oceans and seas just tells about the most amazing meetings
military of NATO, Argentina and the Soviet Union with mysterious underwater
alien boats – unsinkable and able to demonstrate
fantastic performance in terms of speed, fire reflection and
even the ability to appear and disappear almost instantly.

The film also tells about the meeting of Russian special forces divers.
with underwater aliens in Lake Baikal. According today
to declassified data, these were strange creatures, more than three
meters of growth, which could be at a great depth of the lake,
and without scuba gear, and move there with great speed.
Russian intelligence officers were the first to open fire on them, as they took
them for saboteurs. And paid for it, because aliens without
Labor repulsed the attack of the military, destroying several divers.

More detailed and just fascinatingly interesting about all this.
watch the video.

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