Military drone against a UFO that appliedenergy beam

On the American blogosphere the video is widely discussed,
which shows the time of the chase of a military drone for a UFO. Exciting
the races in the air were filmed on a camera posted on this

According to ufologists, the record is authentic, it was shot during
reconnaissance flight drone in the mountains when the drone suddenly
discovered an unidentified flying object and even took it to

However, the UFO, as if realizing the intentions of the earthly aircraft
apparatus, quickly hiding behind the mountain. In an attempt to catch on again
the UFO’s sight, the drone pursues a goal, however as soon as it
shows up from behind the mountain, from the ship aliens crashes
mysterious light beam towards the army drone.

�“Blinded” by this beam (numerous interferences occur in
video surveillance and video recordings), a military drone on some
the moment becomes defenseless and certainly not capable
chase ufo. Taking advantage of this, the alien apparatus is simply
flies away: we perceive it as the disappearance of it from the frame,
such a tremendous speed with which aliens move in

Apparently, the military drone remained safe and sound, here
only his naive chase for UFOs and even the desire to attack
an unidentified flying object, caused among the participants of the American
blogosphere bewilderment and even frank ridicule.

There were doubts – where did such a secret record come from?
in the Internet? The author of the video does not give an explanation on this.
Of course, this can be understood in terms of the fear of consequences, but, with
On the other hand, it is easy and regarded as a cover for an obvious fake.
However, look, evaluate and draw conclusions yourself. As the saying goes,
how many people – so many opinions …

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