Millions of bugs fell from the sky in Yakutia

On the territory of Amginsky ulus in Yakutia, “rain” fell out of
millions of live bugs. Fortunately, it turned out not to be biting.
bed bugs, and, apparently, harmless smooths. None
less, frightened locals began to call the inspection
nature conservation with requests to explain what is happening.

Experts took samples of insects and sent them to
biological expertise in Yakutsk. Despite the measures taken
to study a strange phenomenon, experts cannot with accuracy
report where the hordes of beetles came from. It is assumed that
if it is in fact water bugs, then they could be transferred
here by the wind from the nearest lake.

Another scientific hypothesis states that we have migrated
bedbugs that fell to the ground due to some weather phenomena.
It is curious that Russian entomologists claim that never
did not encounter such a huge number of rowing
moving from one place to another. By the way, and the witnesses themselves
�“Rat rain”, even local long-livers, do not recall that
Something similar was happening in Yakutia.

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