Millions of insects attacked gas stations inLouisiana

Two friends drove through the city at night Slidell in the state
Louisiana and stopped at one of the local gas stations. The americans
were amazed when they saw there disgusting and at the same time
surreal picture.

Millions (according to eyewitnesses) of winged insects are covered with
gas stations and flew in the air. Of course, shocked men
did not fail to capture the passing on camera phone. Turning on
the video below, you can see this picture yourself.

Witnesses claim that it was like a scene from the Bible or
horror movie. Beetles literally flooded the entire station and did not allow
visitors to fill the car. It is supposed that it is about
insects with a very short life cycle, lasting only 12-24
hours However, no one can explain why these creatures
gathered in one place (at the gas station) in such a colossal

There are several versions of what is happening:

  • some World Wide Web users assume that everything
    the fault of the geomagnetic anomaly or even alien activity;
  • according to others, it is a sinister religious sign, and
    because the people of Louisiana need to pray hard and prepare for
    The apocalypse;
  • If you believe the third, this anomaly could be the result
    some biological experiment by US scientists;
  • the fourth remembered that we live in a matrix, and therefore this
    Anomaly can be attributed to a computer crash.
    the program;
  • Finally, the most sensible users suggest that
    insects for an unknown reason (the cause is likely to be
    the activity of man himself) simply attracted the smell of gasoline.

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