Mining bitcoins energy extractiongold

Mining or production of cryptocurrency – very energy intensive
a business. Such mining is carried out using computer
equipment, including the most powerful video cards (why in the world
there was even a real shortage of them) and special blocks. Plus to
you need to add that real cryptocurrency users create whole
farms (lots of mining machines) that
massively consume electricity.

For example, every dollar received in Bitcoin costs 17 MJ
энергии, что в два, а то и три раза дороже, чем при добыче gold,
platinum and other valuable minerals. According to Nature magazine
Sustainability, for the production of bitcoins only in the current year
spent as much electricity as Denmark consumes in
year. At the same time, starting in 2016 (previously, this indicator is simply not
traced) mining cryptocurrency brought our planet almost 16
million tons of extra carbon dioxide which
negatively affects the Earth’s ecosystem and leads to unpredictable
the consequences.

By the way, the Russian newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” also held
his research on this, however, with the aim of understanding why
In our country, the Bitcoin mining center is located in Irkutsk. Turned
everything is very simple: here is the cheapest electricity, just a ruble from
small per kilowatt. That is why in Irkutsk they grow cryptocurrency
businessmen (Yuri Dromashko) and pensioners (former agronomist Valentina
Rasskazova) sellers and students, artists and artists, even
officials. And if the 72-year-old pensioner, as they say, has invested
at least and with joy has already saved $ 3,000 cryptocurrencies,
then Dromashko put millions on this business (he created a huge farm
Bitcoin mining), almost all of its former business, however, with
his words, everything has long paid off.

By the way, the other day on the Internet flashed information that
Moscow suburbs covered a similar cryptocurrency growing farm,
which owed a lot of money for electricity (specifically
happened in Balashikha, where in just three summer months, as reported
REN TV, the debt for the electricity owner and manager
associations of property owners amounted to over 30 million
rubles). This is understandable, writes correspondent “KP” Olga Chichigina,
Why did Irkutsk become the center of mining cryptocurrency, but not
another thing remains clear: what it is, where the real ones come from
money for such a strange “printing money” and to whom it is profitable?

Since it is really very difficult to understand how the same
bitcoins, why do they grow in value, unsupported by anything in the world
(for cryptocurrency is not worth a single production of material
values ​​for humanity, and therefore it is very similar to financial
the pyramid), then the logical question arises – is it worth it to invest
money in this case? And the second logical question is when is all
finally collapse?

And now, due to the noise Nature has made
Sustainability by publishing data on energy costs and
environmental disaster from cryptocurrency, you can ask a third question
– when in the world it all stops at the level of strict laws and
criminal liability? True, no one knows yet how this
to do. For example, in Russia, cryptocurrency is prohibited by law,
however, this does not prevent it from flourishing in our country, as we see …

Were the conspiracy therapists right, who suggested that
cryptocurrency is a tool or globalists, or even
artificial intelligence, that it is a genie released from a bottle,
the purpose of which is the destruction of the global financial system,
economy, and, ultimately, – destruction (at least
reduction) of humanity as a whole? ..

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