Minnesota witch photographed

User famous entertainment site “Reddit”
claims to have recently photographed a real witch,
risen from the grave.

According to the American, one night he went to the cemetery
Loon Lake in Jackson, Minnesota. There he made many
photos (hoping to catch something mystical) old
graveyard, created by the first settlers. When the man came back
home, to his joy, he discovered in one of the pictures taken
something creepy.

The image below shows the grave.
an unknown person with a small tombstone. According to
urban legend, the remains of the mighty witch are buried here.
At first glance, there is nothing terrifying in this photo. However if
take a closer look, you can see in the upper left corner
thin and dirty human legs. The author of the picture swears that he was
then one did not see anyone who walked through the night cemetery, those
more – barefoot.

Loon Lake has a reputation as a bad place where it constantly happens.
every damn thing. Legend has it that in 1881 she lived in Jackson
17-year-old Mary Jane Tervillegar. Another local resident named
James Sanford Peters blamed the girl for sending damage to
his mill After that, Mary was cruelly executed for witchcraft, and her
the remains were buried in this cemetery in a nameless grave. Before
death girl admitted that is really
a witch (although none of the countrymen did anything wrong), and
stated that anyone who tried to defile her grave,
will surely die.

It is believed that if a person steps on a headstone
Tervillegar will then die within 3 days. Our hero reports
that he didn’t defile the witch’s grave, he simply imprinted her on
photograph, which, in his opinion, can hardly be attributed to bad
rather the opposite. Maybe it made the witch
materialize in our world and even appear in the picture? Many
brave men used to say that they noticed Mary’s spirit in the cemetery,
however, no one has been able to photograph until today.
him. The ghost of the sorceress this time obviously wanted to tell something or
just to remind myself: what to say, modern society
becoming more and more infantile in the spiritual sense …

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