MKS cameras again spotted shipsalien

The indefatigable in his search for unearthly life ufologist George Graham,
hiding from “people in black” behind a pseudonym, and on video hosting
YouTube – for the nickname Streetcap1, recorded another video.

It shows how two UFOs, very fast and almost
elusive, still hit the lens of the onboard cameras of the International
space station.

Naturally, George Graham, not turning off the recording of all that
that transmit the webcam MKS, easily separated the wheat from the chaff and
gave us another proof that aliens are constantly
fly in near-earth orbit. Here is what he says:

Video cameras MKS remove UFOs increasingly. Either
aliens have become more frequent guests near the space station,
or if NASA staff lost their vigilance. True, the current UFO
Were at a considerable distance from the ISS. And although the camera is all
equally grabbed them, it seems that NASA did not even notice. BUT
as for the space agencies as a whole, be it Roscosmos or
НBUTСBUT, то они прекрасно осведомлены о пришельцах, однако делают вид,
that all these are some kind of toys of ufologists, although this is far from the case.

However, officials continue to make a good face
with a bad game, that is, to hide all information about UFOs and
aliens. They even have an impenetrable argument: to
Do not sow panic among the inhabitants of the earth.

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