MKS can turn into an expensive hotel

According to scientists, only 559 earthlings have ever visited
outside the planet. However, now, when the whole world is dreaming of cosmic
tourism, they want to increase this figure many times at the expense of the rich,
wishing to look at our “blue ball” from the side. Naturally,
Russia also decided to join this trend. Domestic
experts suggest building an expensive hotel on the ISS.
Luxury hotel onboard the International Space Station
will be the most suitable place to accommodate stellar tourists,
Director of Energia Rocket and Space Corporation Vladimir

According to Vladimir Lvovich, the Russian segment of the ISS is currently
moment loaded at only 30%. Modules are used for 20-25 years and
no longer suitable for serious work and experimentation, so their
could be converted into a hotel for space tourists.
Another option is to create a new module specifically designed.
for this. Corporation “Energy” has already engaged in the development of such
block and search for funds to create it. Project cost will be
make 16.4-26.2 billion rubles. To recoup these costs
in just 7 years, Russia intends to launch on the ISS by several
tourists accompanied by an experienced astronaut. If everything goes according to
the number of millionaires on board
orbital station, will reach 6 people.

It is reported that inside one module can be equipped with 4
sleeping cabins, 2 medical rooms and a rest area. Cost of
a ticket to the ISS will be nearly 40 million dollars. Behind
The tourist will live in orbit for a week or two. Behindплатив
an extra 20 million, so lucky can get out
open space. According to experts, by 2021
the number of people with a condition over 30 million will be more than 43
thousand people, while on Earth a lot of billionaires. If a
at least 36 of them would agree to such a space service, then
The Russian module-hotel will not just pay off, but also start in
continue to bring an enviable profit, and the space tourism itself
will be developed not only in words and plans, but in deeds.

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