MKS webcam recorded a huge pinka pillar in orbit of the earth

Recognized ufologist, conspirologist and virtual archaeologist George
Graham, leading the popular YouTube-channel “Streetcap1”, pleased
its subscribers a striking find. This time
исследователь НЛО заметил загадочный розовый a pillar in orbit of the earth,
caught in the webcam lens aboard the International Space
station. The news of the potentially sensational discovery of a ufologist immediately
scattered across the English-language Internet sites.

You might think that this specialist literally attracts
imagine all sorts of cosmic anomalies, but it is not. According to
George himself, our planet and near-earth space is teeming with
traces of aliens, but the powerful of this world impose
commoners skepticism, so that a simple person is not confused in these
questions However, if desired, unidentified flying objects and
other amazing phenomena can be seen almost anywhere,
not to mention the cameras on the ISS. Graham says:

It was like some kind of launch of a colossal space
apparatus. A giant pink pillar went up into orbit, then
flew into space. The speed of this object was incredible
high. To my great misfortune, I did not have time to fix
what happened on the video and made only a couple of shots from the screen. But if
someone noticed this anomaly and recorded on video, please send
him to me, I will definitely publish it on my channel and point your
name. Maybe, of course, it was a secret NASA laser station or
the secret weapon of the Russians. But it seems to me that it was about starting
alien spacecraft from Earth. Too much speed for
earth apparatus …

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