�”Mobile phone with a skull on the screen”found in the pictures of Mars

Very intriguing discovery made by foreign ufologists,
looking at pictures of the Red Planet taken by the rover
�”Curiosity”. In one of the frames depicting the surface of the crater
Gale, seemed a strange object, suspiciously similar to a smartphone
or another device with a rectangular dark screen. Moreover,
Researchers claim that vague
outlines of the skull or monkey head.

The length of the artifact is, according to experts, total
about 12 centimeters (probably, therefore, he was not noticed and not
the NASA staff have smudged, users of the World
spider webs). Ufologists, of course, recognize that this may not be any
smartphone, however, they note that ordinary stones are not able to have
such a smooth symmetrical form – nature does not “love” such
geometrically correct constructions. According to the authors of the finding,
on the intended gadget, you can even consider round

Note that the Martian discoveries are for some reason very concerned
Internet users. Is that why one wonders
from conspiracy theories that we carry the Martians genetic memory?
After all, no one can scientifically disprove the theory-assumption that
It was the Martians who became the first colonizers of the Earth. But in
memories of people who remember their past lives (reincarnation,
example – Boris Kipriyanovich from the Volgograd region), meets and
the martian civilization, which they say is still alive and
just went deep into the planet, and flying to Earth, and more, that
indirectly, it proves: the Martians are far from strangers to us.

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