Modern medicine can not onlyto treat

Today, probably, only a small child does not know that vaccinations
more harm to human health than good. However not
looking at this knowledge (already proven and reproved by independent
by researchers), in many countries, vaccinations are still not easy
applied and enforced in life.

And Russia, we note, among such barbarous countries: try
without vaccinations, for example, arrange your child in preschool
institution – will not work.

To the number of such harmful methods of treatment today already attributed
chemotherapy against cancer, which, as scientists have proven, is practically
does not help from this terrible disease, in turn
literally destroying the body, completely undermining its immune
the system. What kind of fight against cancer in this case can be discussed if
the patient after chemotherapy becomes defenseless from almost
any disease?

Not by chance, according to statistics, 75 percent of physicians consider
chemotherapy is harmful, and they themselves would never be allowed
use this outdated treatment method on yourself. For example, in
The US recently conducted a survey of doctors and scientists at the McGill Cancer Center,
asking them to answer if they would agree to chemotherapy, if
they got cancer. Almost all oncology specialists
answered this question in the negative. Firstly, it is harmful
they consider, secondly, chemotherapy is able to stop even
somehow only 2-4 percent of all cancers.

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