Mongolians surround their lonely yurtsin the midst of bare steppe high fence and tires

Mongolia has a fantastically low population density,
in its vast territory lives today just over 3
million people, with almost a million mongols living in
the capital of Ulan Bator.

The rest of the Mongols mostly wander over the endless steppes of this
vast territory, but they live in such yurts (see the capital
photo), and these yurts, as a rule, are single dwellings, as
states, without neighbors, so familiar, for example, for Russian
villagers. Moreover, the nomadic lifestyle makes
Mongols periodically move from place to place. Why then
they enclose their yurts with high board fences – practically
as well as the Russians (see photo)?

It turns out that it was from the Russian Mongols and adopted the habit
enclose a wooden fence, although it seems to be no
no need for that. But no, this fence allows the Mongol
have almost a “permanent” address of residence.

The fact is that Mongolia has a completely different address system, since 2008
year it is carried out through special codes. The larger
the object – the shorter its code, say, the capital Ulaanbaatar has such
– RV-W QZ, and Suhe-Bator Square in this city is RW8SK QZKSL. Own
the postal code may have a yurt, walled, more
In addition, if the Mongol wanders to another place, leaving his former
wooden fence – it is preserved old “permanent”

That is why the wooden fences here are so much desired goods, and
because promotional offers such as “Yaltay Zarn” (sold the fence)
– far from uncommon, and to meet such a banner can be even in
deaf steppe.

Everything is clear with fences, but why should the Mongols have bald automobiles?

Another mystery for tourists who come to Mongolia
there are car tires dug into the ground near the yurts,
enclosed by fences (see photo). Why are there so many for
what are they?

Despite the fact that the chief assistant of the Mongol nomad
remains a horse, a modern resident of this, in general, backward
countries will no longer drive their favorite animal on every occasion
huge distances, say, to the city for shopping. For this today
there are cars, and the Mongols prefer the cheapest ones.
Well, bald tires (with their lifestyle, they become such
very quickly), they can not throw away even because of the old
honoring the image of the wheel. It is the wheel (albeit wooden) that serves
the upper base of their yurt, which performs many different
functions, including the chimney.

As you can see, Mongolia is a country of great mysteries and considerable
oddities that may surprise a Western person
however, all this is the most ordinary life for the population, which, like
many centuries ago mainly engaged in nomadic
animal husbandry …

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