Monsters of the American city Point Pleasant

Despite the fact that the city of Point Pleasant West Virginia
(USA) is known primarily for the mythical creature that received
named Man-moth (in honor of him here hold annual
international festivals, filmed a fantastic film and set
this legendary cryptide even a statue), in this American
metropolis constantly occur and many other mysterious

Just say that the mothman is still seen here,
it is enough to mention that the last time he was caught on camera
smartphone local resident in November last year – in general, you can
say, just recently. But Jim Nelson, who lived in
Point Pleasant in 1979 claims to be in the Ohio River (on
which was just a famous Silver Bridge, collapsed in
1967 before the first appearance in the city of the Moth Man) he did not
once seen serpentine monsters, at least 4-5 in length

In 2014, another moth surfaced at the Mothman festival.
a terrible story about the monsters of this American city. Her
told Nick Redfern, a well-known cryptide researcher,
local resident – a certain Anna. Here is her almost literal story about
tom creepy event:

It happened in 2012. Working in shifts, I am that evening
rested, sat at home and watched tv. Around 11 pm
someone rang my door. I was surprised, and even somehow immediately
guarded because she waited for no one, and the uninvited guests in
hardly anyone would be happy at such a late hour.

Carefully approaching the door, I asked who was there. Since the answer
not followed, then looked into the peephole. On the porch near my
the front door stood two children ten years old in strange robes
– black robes, which are usually worn by monks. Children like
realized that I was watching them, slightly raised their heads, but their eyes
remained covered for centuries, because, as it seemed to me for a moment,
absolutely black eyes gazed at me, which made my skin run
even goosebumps.

The little monks asked for food, but somehow, for some reason, I
it became insanely scary. I quietly walked away from the door, continuing behind her.
observe: for some reason it seemed to me that these strange children are now
Nachtut literally breaking into my house. But it was quiet outside the door …

After a while, I literally tiptoed up to
I looked out again and looked into the peephole: God, the children are still
stood in front of my door that in itself was unnatural and
very creepy. But what happened next moment is difficult even
describe, let alone believe it. At some instant
the children suddenly became hazy, and then turned into two huge
green lizards, and without any clothes. Growth they were more
two meters, had huge mouths with many sharp teeth.

These monsters did nothing, they just stood on the porch and
looked at me through the peephole (or I on them). And then
as if something flashed – and the lizards disappeared. That was – and no longer

When I somewhat recovered from this nightmare, I decided it was
call the police, even the phone has already picked up the phone, but
then it occurred to me, and what would I say to the guards? The truth?
Yes, they will send me to a mental hospital after such a confession. That’s why I am
somehow got to my car (it was very scary, but
I couldn’t be alone in the house) and left for my mother, where
lived for a while until everything settled down in the shower until even
most did not seem, and whether the boy something? ..

In conclusion, we add that point pleasant ufologists fix
almost every day some anomalies in the sky over the city, more often
just in the form of mysterious balls. Maybe some UFO activity
way connected here with the advent of various monsters? By extreme
least, the foot-and-mouth disease that scared Anna is clearly similar to
reptiloid aliens, it’s not clear just what they wanted from
girls – just scare? ..

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