Moon and Martian caves will be houses forpeople

According to the latest research by Italian scientists, colonization
The moon and mars may not be as difficult as
previously assumed.

It turns out that the first settlers on the Earth’s natural satellite
and the Red Planet will be able to live in underground caves that
were created on these celestial bodies as a result of volcanic
activities. Thus, people will not have to build domes and
other expensive facilities.

The so-called lava tubes, according to the researchers,
provide star navigators with a reliable cover from meteoric impacts and
cosmic radiation. Similar caves are found on our
a planet in various volcanic areas – for example, in Iceland,
Sicily, Australia, the Hawaiian and Galapagos Islands.
Some branched lava tube systems are capable of
stretch many tens of kilometers inland.

Even more huge caves that are available on the moon will become
indispensable for our civilization in the future. There it will be possible
artificially grow crops and get
oxygen. Colonizers will extract water in the craters at the poles.
Selena, where it is in the form of ice. Scientists report that on
Earth’s diameter of lava tubes reaches “only” 30 meters, however
The moon, with its low gravity, these caves are wider than
kilometers Approximately the same can be found on
Mars …

The study’s authors hope their discovery will push the ESA to
realizing his ambitions for the construction of infrastructure on the moon.
Recall, in April of this year, the European Space Agency
discussed with the Chinese National Space Administration
the possibility of building a habitable base on Selena that will put
the beginning of lunar tourism and mining on the Earth’s natural satellite
mineral. A similar project, successfully implemented, also
can prepare scientists for the colonization of Mars.

Note that the Italian scientists who built such promising
plans for the exploration of the Moon and Mars do not believe in any aliens and
their bases on data space objects that they actually
are going to colonize in the near future. By their hard
conviction, the main stumbling block in this issue – the current
Earthling disunity, since space requires joint efforts and
the aspirations of all mankind …

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