Moon – only for robots

In a study conducted by American scientists
University of Stony Brook (New York), they came to
surprising conclusion: the moon is not suitable for full
human colonization, this space object is only for

Scientists exposed human and laboratory mouse cells
lunar dust, resulting in the functioning of life in them was
violated by more than 90 percent. And, as it turned out,
the chemical activity of dust does not affect this, however
the lunar substance itself remains deadly for all
living. Here is what the author of the experiment says about this.
Professor Rachel Caston:

The mechanism of destruction of all living things by lunar dust is not quite
is clear. Perhaps it causes an inflammatory process in the cells. By
another version of moon dust is able to activate oxygen, and these
active forms “push” electrons from individual molecules,
thereby violating their functionality. Whatever it is,
the colonialists of the moon will first have to find a way to
protect them from the effects of these tiny particles, which borders on
real fiction. This is practically all one that dissociate itself
from the effects of bacteria. Byэтому, думается, что Луна просто
unsuitable for human colonization, it is at best for

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