Moscow is planning to build the highestEurope residential skyscraper

According to “Evening Moscow”, on the territory of the famous
the capital business center “Moscow-City” plan to build the most
highest skyscraper in Europe, which will become primarily residential
building. This is what the President of PJSC “City” told reporters.
Alexey Gavrilov.

It will be a 104-storey building, which, in addition to housing, will include
yourself a few viewing points, the necessary social
structure, all kinds of shops, offices, cinemas and more
down to the parking lots. According to Alexey Gavrilov, this project
very promising, but because he has a chance not only to be born,
but grow quite quickly and successfully.

This is confirmed by the deputy mayor of the capital for
Urban Planning Marat Khusnullin, who even told journalists
the start date of such a grand project, even for Moscow, is summer 2018
of the year. That is, the current period in the history of Moscow, we can say
will be marked by this significant event – the construction
highest residential European skyscraper, which today
They are interested not only in Russia, but also in Europe.

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