Moskvich sells an unusual stone for 10 millionrubles

What is so unusual about this stone that costs so big
of money?

Osteopath doctor from Moscow Sergey (the owner of this mysterious
stone) two years ago, visited the mountains of the Krasnodar Territory, just
in the area of ​​ancient dolmens. One night, his tent has collapsed.
rock fall. A man miraculously escaped only because a minute earlier
I heard a scream as if someone had warned him about the danger. The morning
he is in the dam site and found this “living” stone. “

Sergey considers him alive. Of course, the stone is not quite normal,
he is very strong and, perhaps, as an osteopathic doctor argues,
lay in the place where he found him, millions of years. If consider
amazing energy of the region, where at one time supposedly even
there were dragons (according to Sergey, see the video), then the value of this
the finds are definitely increasing. However, not so much!

According to Dmitry Begizov, a gemologist, this stone is at best
can be sold on the “crazy platform” auction eBay for 10 thousand
rubles — и это красная цена подобному товару, причем благодаря
advertising that he was satisfied with today television and the Internet.
The price of 10 million is unrealistic, since some special
This mineral has no remarkable properties. It’s not even a shard
meteorite …

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