Most serial killers are born inNovember

You may not believe in astrology, as well as in certain
the postulates of behaviorism (the science of human behavior), and in this
There is nothing wrong. However, statistics show
что серийные убийцы рождаются чаще всего в November. Maybe,
lovers should not conceive children in March, so as not to experience
fate? And, by the way, look: it is this fateful month of birth
Monsters in human form come now!

Specialist Jan Ruiz from the United States conducted a massive
study by carefully examining this phenomenon. Expert collected
information about hundreds of serial killers from across the planet and
tried to figure out what facts biographies can link them.
The American was surprised when he almost immediately noticed that most
таких преступников родились в November. To be precise, their
the amount was 17% of all studied maniacs. At the same time
the remaining months accounted for an average of 7.5% of murderers.

It is noteworthy: in 2005, American scientists determined that
индивидуумы, рожденные в November, чаще других страдают от депрессии
and other mental disorders. Maybe these facts are somehow related.
together? After all, a person who consciously takes away the lives of others
obviously should have big mental problems. However, why is this
happening and is it worth the loving couples really planning
giving birth to children in such a way that it does not fall out in November, not
is known.

In any case, such studies once again convince us that our
life is strictly subject to some higher laws, and not just a set

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