Mother and daughter noticed a phantom in their pictureold apartment

31-year-old tartan Elaine MacMonagal and her 8-year-old daughter Hayley,
currently living in Hamilton, decided recently
view the panorama of its old street in Alexandria using
Google Street View map service. At some point
They saw in the pictures with a howl a former house and a familiar apartment.

Suddenly, Haley pointed to the mother at the second floor window, where
MacMonagals lived before, and asked who was there. Elaine
I looked closer and really saw between the blue ones
fabric blinds and glass mysterious face, as if looking into
moment of shooting in the lens of the panoramic camera “Google”.

The face seemed to our heroine frowning and somehow
�”Inhuman”, as if photographed by a dead man or some
fancy mirage. Сделав такое открытие, Elaine мгновенно
remembered that in these apartments, from where her family moved out in 2013
year, there was always some kind of inexplicable devilry.

In the premises of the apartment, it was then often turned on by itself and
the light was turned off, and various objects spontaneously disappeared and
then appeared in new places. 3-year-old Haley at all
told me that an invisible boy, Johnny, settled in her bedroom
who loved jumping on the bed and tickling her unpleasantly
a dream.

По словам Elaine, она по-настоящему испугалась, когда увидела
this ominous picture was flooded with unpleasant memories of
the former dwelling and his ghosts. The British had to lie to their daughter
what’s on the windowsill for the new owners of the apartments is probably
a toy in the form of a head or there is some drawing in a frame.

Many will say that this is probably the case,
однако Elaine, увы, с легкостью убедилась в обратном. The fact,
that in other photos of the house, made by the car “Google” with
intervals of just a few seconds, there was no
an ephemeral human face – just an empty window …

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