Mounted termitary that is older than the pyramidsGiza

In the northeast of Brazil a team of scientists led by Stephen
Martin (University of Salford) discovered the largest in the world
termitary, which is visible even from space. It is satellite
filming, as reported by Current Biology, and allowed
reveal this unique natural “city”.

The city of this termite system can be called completely legitimate,
because these are the numerous hills of the earth, formed due to
the construction of termites of the species syntermes dirus of their underground nests
(almost huge high-rise buildings, the “roofs” of which we observe in
as mounds).

By the way, these hills reach a height of 4 meters and a diameter – up to 9
meters The whole system of termites, found by Brazilian scientists,
consists of about 200 million of these “roofs” of termites,
захватывая площадь в 230 тысяч квадратных килоmeters And thrown away
the earth’s surface is equal to a volume of 10 cubic kilometers,
or 4 thousand pyramids of Cheops. It is the largest insect ecosystem at
a planet that is still functioning, albeit

By the way, termites are blamed for creating
mysterious “witch circles”, and not only their unique
multipass nests and huge colonies. Just a long time
there was a theory that the researchers derived ideally
round bald spots on grass found in Namibia, South Africa, Angola
(see photo). According to experts, termites are trying to
how to create optimal conditions for yourself
their environment.

However, Australian scientists, having discovered “witch circles” in their
mainland, came to the conclusion that they are created by nature itself, that
it is a kind of self-organization within the framework of the theory of patterns
(regular forms). And although this is also no more than a theory, but
that’s what’s interesting – the most huge and old termitary, which
discovered today in Brazil, showed none
�”Witch circle”. Maybe termites are really here at all.

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