Mourning cockatoo sat on the woman’s head

A young woman who recently visited the Saxon bird sanctuary
in Switzerland, unexpectedly met there with an unusual feathered.

At some point, the girl sat on the head of a mourning cockatoo
Banks – a large black parrot, living in the wild in Australia.
Our heroine and her friend were amazed at what happened, so
hurried to capture the strange bird on camera. Turning on
the video below you can see this scene with your own

When an English-speaking tourist subsequently posted this video
on Twitter, many social network users suddenly began
convince her that something scary happened. After all, mourning
Cockatoo not just got its name: it is believed that this
the bird is a harbinger of death and if this parrot wished
fall on someone’s head (rare), then this person
they say, waiting for the imminent demise. Therefore, a lot of commentators
recommended our heroine to prepare for the worst, if not
order a coffin for yourself.

However, other Twitter regulars are encouraging women that
all this is supposedly stupid superstitions, and advises her not to react to
words of potential detractors. Most likely a black cockatoo
being a very intelligent and friendly bird, I just wanted with her
so meet.

It is not known how the “fatal” girl herself responded to such
unexpected superstitious activity on the occasion of the video she posted in
The Internet, but this case proves once again that not all
public selfies are good. Now, really, you happen to
the tourist is something beyond, and you won’t understand who’s the trouble
– mourning cockatoo or “well-wishers” from the World Wide Web …

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