�”Moving” geyser – mysterious naturalCalifornia anomaly

In California, the United States of America appeared amazing
geyser, which, unlike ordinary hot springs,
is moving. Scientists are at a loss trying to explain this anomaly
the shift of lithospheric plates (North American and Pacific)
San Andreas Fault.

San Andreas Rift is known to scientists for a long time, namely with the movement
These plates were associated with the famous earthquake of 1906 with
a magnitude of 9 on the Richter scale, an earthquake that
then completely destroyed the metropolis of San Francisco. However the whole
the rest of the world learned about the natural anomaly of California only after
Hollywood disaster movie of the same name, very realistic
who has shown what life can turn into on a natural “barrel with
gunpowder. “

That’s why researchers are moving a geyser that has reached
Today’s speed is 18 meters per day, and it has already come close to
the railway line, the crop to destroy the railway road, believe that
a mud funnel is not just an anomaly, but also a bell about
the approaching catastrophe, commensurate with the onset of the earthquake
last century.

For example, geologists believe that today’s activity
mysterious geyser, expressed not only in its movement, but also
in the ever-increasing release of water and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,
associated with seismic processes occurring deep under
land, and nothing good promising residents of the state of California.
As, however, and all of North America as a whole.

And if today a moving mud funnel brings only
certain inconveniences and it seems to many researchers
paranormal phenomena with something even exotic, then tomorrow it
may be a much more serious problem that has flowed from
discharge mysterious in catastrophic. However, scientists do not predict
always accurate, and misfortunes and real disasters are often
occur where no one expects them …

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