Murmanchanin captured a strange heavenlyanomaly

Murmansk photographer Alexander Stepanenko filmed several nights
back the northern lights and quite unexpectedly “caught” in the sky
странную anomaly. In the western sky, under the Milky Way,
imprinted mysterious glowing curl that our
compatriot can not find a rational explanation.

Alexander reports that he did not process the received image.
in the editor. The photo, however, was taken with a long exposure,
therefore, it is possible that the glowing squiggle is in fact
nothing but a train from the flight of some unidentified flying
object. Did a UFO fly over Murmansk at that moment,
man question?

Anyway, Stepanenko’s intriguing frame is rapidly
circled many sites Runet, including the famous social network
�”In contact with”. Пользователи ресурса попытались объяснить anomaly
the flight of a drone, the fall of a meteorite, the glow of an unknown galaxy
or even tricks of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Do not forget that the night skies are fraught with countless
Many mysteries, most of which are incomprehensible to humans.
Experienced astronomers have long argued that in just one night
Observations in the telescope beyond the sky can see what is forever
will change your understanding of the universe and of our world as a whole,
will certainly change for the better …

It may be worth getting as many people as possible.
telescopes? For example, in the framework of the state program …

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