Mysteries of aliens are found throughout the Earth

Загадки инопланетян

From early childhood, everyone loves to solve riddles. At first they
childish and naive, but with age becoming more significant
and meaningful. These include the riddles of aliens who
can be found all over the planet. The first and most obvious of them
is the Sphinx, which is in Egypt. What is this creature?
How could ancient people create it, if modern sculptors do not
understand how you can carve such a huge sculpture out of stone
and at the same time make it so flawless. Therefore, no wonder, probably
ancient legend says that when the last one is unraveled
the mystery of humanity, the Sphinx will laugh and the world will cease
Existence. Other riddles and evidence at the same time
The presence of aliens are their bases around the world. What is this
base? What is on them? Was it a research
laboratories, or are they not bases, but alien houses? All this is the most
real puzzles that people have to solve.

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