Mysteries of nature, not amenable to solution

In ancient times, when people did not have enough knowledge,
to explain the phenomena occurring in the world, they saw in them the will
gods It was the gods who brought down on the earth torrents and thunderstorms, sent
drought and famine, alternating seasons could deprive a person
life or, conversely, resurrect it.

Today, the world around us is mostly studied and understood (by
least, materialists think so), however, and still
There are a number of natural phenomena that can not be
interpretation of scientists.

Mysterious jelly

In many plants – herbs, shrubs, trees –
periodically find a substance that is similar in consistency
ordinary jelly. It occurs from the 14th century (according to the written
sources), when jelly did not exist yet, and people described
strange stuff like a sticky transparent material having a little
grayish color. An inexplicable feature of it is that
some time after its appearance (of course, also
in an unknown way) this substance is completely evaporated.
Versions in this regard, as is customary, are available, but reliable
The origin of “vegetable jelly” is unknown.

Unexplained ball lightning

Everybody heard about this phenomenon, and many even came across it in
own life. In essence, ball lightning is electric natural.
discharge in the form of a ball. However, scientists still do not know its nature.
origin, namely where it comes from and what generates it.
To investigate such an unpredictable object until now failed
to anyone.

Scary Musical Dunes

In the deserts and other sandy areas of sand particles with wind
begin to fascinating “sing”. This is, of course, purely natural.
phenomenon. Arising sounds may sound like crying, laughing,
howls, and at the same time, the overall “melody” is always harmonious and
beautiful, albeit somewhat eerie. How sand dunes are performed
inconceivable “musical compositions” is another mystery for

Mysterious sky lights

Norwegian valley Hessdalen with its mysterious sky lights,
unlike ball lightning, the scientists investigated, but still
– not understood. Here come the luminous objects having the form
balls, triangles, pyramids, disks, cylinders. The color of these UFOs
also different – white, blue, red, yellow … Fires are so
powerful that their light wakes the locals. Some of the objects
reach a diameter of several tens of meters. They move
silently, leaving no trace, however, dropping to
surface of the earth, kill bacteria, sterilizing the soil. Similarly
There are rays emitted by a UFO. Numerous and serious
research scientists do not allow yet to solve the riddle of heaven
lights over Hessdalen.

Unique forest

In the west of Poland, near the town of Gryfino, is
a unique curve forest with an area of ​​1.7 hectares, planted in the 30s
last century. 400 trees growing in this pine forest have
bright distinctive feature: reaching a height of 25-30
centimeters, their trunks bent at a right angle to the north, and then
gradually leveled, forming a picturesque arc. Height of such
curves of trees is about 15 meters, and this is clearly not enough
for pines of similar age. According to some visitors
amazing forest, it reigns unusual atmosphere – not here
you can hear the bird singing and the voices of insects … The reason for the mysterious
No anomalies have been established for today, although scientific versions are also
there are

Fantastic phenomenon – Devil’s Teapot

In the US state of Minnesota, the Brüel River flows, which
splits on one of the sites into two waterfalls. One collapses
in the upper lake, and the second – in the gorge, which was given the name
�”Devil Maker”. And for good reason: all scientists attempt to figure out where
the water goes further, proved to be unsuccessful. Researchers
used dyes, threw special objects into the water, waiting
their appearance in the lake, but they did not come up, and the dyes themselves are not
found out. It seems that the disappeared water in the very
In fact, it serves Satan’s tea.

Such mysterious phenomena on our planet are great
set, and therefore talk about the omnipotence of modern science
too early, if at all possible. It is noteworthy that advanced
scientists today are increasingly turning to spiritual knowledge through
which they think is easier to find the truth …

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