Mysterious air rings under water surpriseddivers

One of the users of the famous Internet service “Imgur”
posted a video on the site, immediately attracted the attention
million viewers. Unusual recording shows two mysterious
air rings performing various tricks of water with water.

Mysterious circles change their shape and diameter, vibrate,
merge together and again separated in two. So amazing
the spectacle was fixed on camera by divers, diving
recently near the south australian coast. According to divers,
they have no idea where these fantastic
rings here come from.

Some users of “Imgur” wrote that the fault was underwater
flow. For others, circles of unknown gas were thrown into
water from under the ocean floor. If you believe the third, rings released
some kind of sea animal like a dolphin. Various
supernatural and simply fantastic theories also circulate
by sati. For example, about the representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, intelligent
water, Atlantis and the like.

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