Mysterious aircraft was looking for a UFO underwater base.near california

World ufologists report that between the American island
Santa Catalina and the coast of California may be at depth
approximately 610 meters is a real UFO base. According to
researchers in recent years in this region has been observed
an incredibly large number of “flying saucers” hiding under
water Thus, on the ocean floor may well be located
a kind of hangar for aircraft representatives
extraterrestrial civilization.

This theory has now received a new indirect confirmation when
one of the researchers looked at pictures of the sea and unexpectedly
noticed an incomprehensible unmarked aircraft flying
невероятно низко над water In addition, the airplane threw on
ocean surface unusual rainbow shadow. It looks like air
a ship about 32 meters long scanned underwater space.
It is only known that the picture was taken on July 9, 2016 by satellite.

The question is: was it illegal intelligence
an airplane, an American military airplane or a drone that
performed a specific mission related to the search for underwater base
aliens? Or maybe it’s a flying alien ship,
mimicking an earthly plane? The author of the find does not undertake to make
a definite verdict, however, notes that between Santa Catalina and
Something strange is happening on the west coast of the United States. AND
long ago…

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