Mysterious animal captured on video inMinnesota

Residents of the American city of Faribo and surrounding areas here
two weeks have already reported the appearance of a strange animal here,
similar to the legendary chupacabra.

Incomprehensible creature that looks like a bald beast from the family
canine, is selected to human dwellings, rummaging in the garbage and even
enters fights with domestic dogs. Mysterious violator
for some time he had a semi-legendary status until one of
the townspeople did not capture it on video.

By turning on the video shown below, you can see how
the supposed chupacabra is eating something near a random house in
Faribo. The animal really has a strange appearance and even
somewhat resembles a large marsupial mammal. Rumor has it
that a similar beast also showed up recently in the city of Dublin, a state
Огайо, то есть в 1126 километрах от Faribo. What is such a phenomenon
connected, can not explain yet

Meanwhile, experts from the service for catching wild
animals report that, most likely, we are talking about patients with scabies
foxes. In particularly advanced cases, this is a contagious skin disease.
completely deprives the animals of wool, which changes some of them to
unrecognizability. If you do not believe, then look on the Internet how
look bald bears or raccoons.

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