Mysterious animals and birds are harbingersof death

In the ancient myths and legends of almost all nations of the world are described.
птицы и животные — как жуткие предвестники of death. Such descriptions
there are quite a few, which makes it possible to doubt that all
these stories are pure fiction.

Предвестники of death – странные птицы

According to Plutarch, the murder of Julius Caesar was preceded by
a number of fatal omens, in particular a strange owl,
which, during the period of the March Ides, flew into the main city
the square, sat down on a pole and shouted almost the whole day, not paying
attention to the attempts of people to kill or chase her away.

And during the funeral of the emperor mysteriously flew into the hall of Pompey
a bird with a laurel branch in its beak, which it immediately attacked
a flock of fantastic feathered predators …

… The gloomy appearance of birds regularly marked the demise of each
Bishop in the English city of Salisbury. According to eyewitnesses
before the death of another priest in the sky above the city circled
giant white birds unseen in these places.

For the first time, white snakes were spotted in Salisbury in 1414.
Then they appeared in a flock above the roof of the local cathedral, and
It happened before the death of the bishop. From that distant pore these
creatures have seen it many times, in particular twice in the past
century. In the Victorian era, one eyewitness described strange
birds as albatrosses with wings of dazzling whiteness; other
the witness said that they ominously floated in the air, as huge
white gulls …

However, the most interesting is the story of Miss Edith Oliver. 15
August 1911 this old lady was returning home from choral
church classes. Like all parishioners, Miss Oliver knew
the legend of the white birds foreboding death, therefore, having seen them,
a woman rushed back to church to warn of trouble.
She, alas, was late: the bishop had just passed away from a sudden
heart attack.

Later, talking about this incident, Miss Oliver said,
that the white birds seemed completely unnatural. At least
least, she had never seen such in these parts. According to
women who are a little biologist, these birds cannot be attributed
none of the species of birds living in Britain.

… Thanks to Frank Podmore, the founder and member of the British
societies for the study of mental disorders, we have become known
events that took place in the family of a certain doctor whose daughter
every time I saw strange birds seven days before the death of someone
from your family members. They were very elegant creatures with beautiful
chiseled heads in which nothing bad was observed or

Birds, arriving, sat on the windowsill and knocked on the window
with their beaks, as if announcing their own appearance. Offered
хлебные крошки и воду они игнорировали, а после of death кого-то из
households disappeared …

The fact described by Podmor is far from unique.
For many years, writers have been interested in cases when bird flocks
were taken to circle above the houses, where soon afterwards someone
was dying. In his scientific work “Coincidence” the famous Swiss
The psychiatrist CG Jung also describes in detail a number of similar cases.
One example concerns his own patient, who suffered
mental illness.

One day, when her husband went to work, a woman saw that
a flock of sea gulls circling over their house — very strange as
mind and behavior. It was a scary sign for a woman, so
as earlier similar invasions of birds took place before her death
grandmothers and mothers. Of course, the woman was frightened for her life, but
the birds, as it turned out, predicted the demise not of her, but of her spouse,
who died the same day at work due to hemorrhage
to the brain.

Предвестники of death — черные вороны

Black ravens were once considered defenders and
patrons of the house of the Habsburgs – the rulers of Austria, and then
Austro-Hungarian Empire. And it began like this.

Once on the hunt, the founder of the dynasty, Count von Altenburg
attacked the vultures. For a while he fought off these
large birds, but soon the forces began to leave him. Vultures already
Anticipating an ambulance, when they were attacked by a huge flock
black crows and drove the predators away.

The graph who survived in such a miraculous way decided that the ravens were his
sent by the Lord God himself, and ordered his subjects daily
feed these birds. In addition, he ordered to build a tower on a cliff
Hubistburg, so that both the tower and the rock become the shelter of the ravens.
For more than a century, the descendants of von Altenburg sacredly fulfilled their covenant
ancestor, but little by little the story of his salvation was forgotten, and on the cliff
it was decided to build a castle.

The builders began to kill the birds and ravage their nests. From this
black crows from the custodians of the house of the Hapsburgs turned into
вестников of death. Birds – living or ghostly – everyone noticed
раз, когда кто-либо из Габсбургов was dying.

The French of this kind was not an exception.
Queen Marie-Antoinette, whose life ended in a chopping block. The queen
carried in a simple cart for execution when over her head sped
a flock of black red-eyed ravens …

However, the loudest story of this “series” is associated with
heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Archduke Franz
Ferdinand on the eve of the First World War. Driving a car
across Vienna, the Archduchess Sophie, wife of Ferdinand, saw over her
head of a flock of black ravens. Woman felt her heart
someone’s cold hand clenched …

Sophie asked her husband to cancel the trip to Sarajevo, where there was
unsafe, however, he refused to comply with her request and reproached
silly superstitions. Sophie went to Bosnia with Franz
Ferdinand. When June 2eight, 1914. their motorcade was driving through the streets
Sarajevo, the heir to the throne and his wife were shot by a Bosnian
student Gavrila Principle …

Предвестники of death – загадочные лисицы

Вещунами of death не всегда бывают птицы. More than five centuries for
of the old Irish kind of the Gormanstones, heralds of deaths and
diseases were foxes, by the way, depicted on the family coat of arms.
These animals were invariably gathered in a pack near the castle.
Gormanstone before the death of any of the men.

This old “tradition” is supported by three such cases,
already happened in our time. Here are the most impressive ones. eight
October 1907 over a dozen foxes huddled together at the castle wall and
started barking shrilly. At the same time from overdose
drug died in a dream the fourteenth in the genus Gormanstounov

On the day of his funeral, eyes are gathered for the mourning ceremony
people appeared amazing picture: in the old patrimonial garden
in broad daylight a whole fox pack gathered and was there until
end of service itself. And after the funeral on a fresh grave appeared
fox and sat there for a whole week, as if guarding the last
the retreat of Viscount Gormanstone.

This behavior is completely atypical for these animals, however
Gormanstone foxes do not seem ordinary. Besides all
other things, they knew how to get into the castle in ways not known to anyone,
suddenly appearing and disappearing just as suddenly. According to testimony
eyewitness, passing by a goose flock, the Gormanstone fox is not
paid no attention to the birds, moreover – the geese themselves did not
discovered no fear of these mystical
animals …

All the above examples, scientists are trying to explain simple
coincidence while ignoring the descriptions of strange birds and
животных, становящихся предвестниками of death. But absolutely
It is obvious that all these examples (and there are a great many of them – as
recorded and transmitted from mouth to mouth)
evidence of the existence of some connections that we still do not understand and
patterns in the complex and multifaceted flow of life …

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