Mysterious anomalies are noticed near the Sun.

Strange things are happening near the sun. Nasa satellites constantly
fix near some kind of anomalies.

For example, satellite Stereo Ahead COR2 on September 16 of this year
fixed near the Luminary a huge winged object, which, like
considers ufologist George Graham (Streetcap1) to be the first to notice
nasa photos this anomaly is most likely some kind of a sign for
people, because it can be traced back in ancient Egyptian
texts. Of course, he carries some information, not very
understandable to us so far. Moreover, the ideal symmetry of this Sign
indicates that this is no pixel distortion or failure in
image processing.

Occurs on this occasion, writes Streetcap1, and such a reasonable
the question is: why aren’t the US space agency staff
deleted obviously provocative photo? Something is wrong here …

However, according to George Graham, no less interesting
The video was received from NASA’s Stereo Ahead HI1 satellite, which
fixed near the Sun the mythical planet or its holographic
picture. The fact is that this space object arises,
then disappears again.

Of course, this can be caused by failures due to a reboot.
satellite camera software or for some other
reason, however, some Internet users
other considerations on this.

For example, some users suggested that this is a hologram
the mythical planet nibiru which is actually not in
our material world, although it has an impact on the solar
system as a whole. It is enough to recall the increased natural
cataclysms on Earth, the last flares on the Sun that could
occur due to disturbance from this space object.

Other Internet users saw this as confirmation.
holographic theory of our universe: it proves, for example,
international team of astrophysicists and theoretical physicists,
published not so long ago its findings on this issue in
Physical Review Letters. The most interesting, soon appeared
and this is a small “confirmation” of their theory …

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