Mysterious anomalous phenomena that occurredsimultaneously in the USA and Australia

Residents of the city of Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem) of the state of North
Carolina USA the other day were shocked by the growing roar from the sky,
which ended with a “muffled explosion”, powerful enough
Why was the glass rattling in the windows?

Here is how a resident of the city Eugene describes this strange incident.
Nieto, who kindly agreed to talk with Fox reporters

It seemed that bombs or rockets began to fall from the sky, I even
in the eyes darkened. Naturally, many thought it had begun
war, others have suggested that an accident occurred in the sky and on the ground
the plane fell, the third tied it with the aliens, the invasion of which
we are promised not the first month …

The Winston-Salem police, as well as all residents of the city, were
worried about what happened and even tried to find traces
the alleged explosion, it never discovered the “place
incident, ”so she had to turn to the Air Force, however
the military seemed to know nothing or pretend not to know about
this strange case.

The next day, the coast of North Carolina began
storm with heavy rain, after which residents of coastal villages
discovered on the beach the wreckage of the “huge rocket”. At least,
The first impression of these semicircular pieces of metal and plastic
approximately three by four meters produce exactly
such Moreover, the wreckage is obviously fresh, since there are no seashells on them,
that stick around any similar items in the water
long time.

Surprised residents called representatives of the National Service.
parks, but they only threw up their hands, connecting to the investigation
again the military air force. The latter are still investigating
so far, however, no results of it have yet been made public.
Journalists cannot even get approximate information about these.
two incidents: are they related to each other, which is supposedly
fell into the ocean, could it have been a military attack on the USA or
just an accident, for example, when you launch a rocket or a secret
an airplane?

All of the above are only speculations and guesswork of the writer.
brethren, the military keep deathly silence, as if for them this
case is a real mystery …

What is surprising about this story is this: on the same day and hour when
the winston-salem Americans were worried about the crash from the sky, exactly
the same terrifying sounds frightened the inhabitants of the city of Cairns in
Australia How are these two distant cities
Could you experience the same “shock”? True australians
nothing was found suspicious after that, however
coincidence, at least, strange and mysterious, and, I think,
We will never get an answer to this riddle, despite the fact that
conspiracy theorists are looking for a connection between these two (or even three)
incidents …

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