Mysterious anomaly appeared in orbitJupiter

American interplanetary station “Yunona” launched to Jupiter
August 5, 2011 and reaching its destination on July 5, 2016,
captured on September 6 of this year, something unusual. Ufologists
just now made this amazing find and hurried
share it with web users.

Apparently, NASA censors just lost sight of
mysterious large object in the gas giant orbit, emitting
bright green light. The UFO clearly has a rectangular shape and
suspiciously resembles a certain space tanker, as if straight
from a science fiction movie or computer game.

Alternative experts, ufologists and conspiracy therapists immediately spoke
with the statement that the greenish object in this image is
not a defect of shooting, but something quite real. Unfortunately,
identify a UFO is not yet possible, because the resolution of the image
not high enough.

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