Mysterious anomaly photographed in the nightthe sky

One of the users of “Reddit” published in the section of the site,
посвященном различным the skyсным аномалиям, загадочный снимок.
The image shows the night star-studded sky, and
among the myriad radiant dots, something strange is clearly visible.

Two even glowing lines formed a right angle in the sky, and
at the end of the upper one an incomprehensible large flash is visible. Author
mysterious frame notes that photographed with a short
Exposure and did not notice anything unusual during the shooting. Only
looking at the picture taken at home, the man found on it
the alleged “result of alien activity”.

However, many users of the resource did not agree with the author,
that this anomaly is certainly connected with aliens, but … among
there were no professional reddit users
an astronomer who put forward a more realistic version of this
mysterious phenomenon. However, the starry sky, like the cosmos itself –
still a mystery, we on Earth sometimes do not understand everything, or rather, even
will say, understand little. And then – space …

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