Mysterious anomaly prevented American dinnerfamilies

On Tuesday, August 22, residents of the American city of Clovis in
the state of new mexico were forced to interrupt their dinner after
a strange anomaly appeared near their house, looking like a native of
another world.

Камера видеонаблюдения, снимающая двор families Эрнандесов,
unexpectedly captured a glowing human figure, which,
waving her arms, ran down the driveway. That’s what
On this occasion, the mother of the Brenna family said:

It was definitely a ghost, my husband and I are sure of it
one hundred percent. On the record we received it is perfectly visible.
as a phantom moves arms and legs. When we saw it on our
security monitor, I, as they say, hair stood on end
on the head. I’ve never seen ghosts before, and it was shocking.
me to the depths of the soul. That evening I was no longer up to dinner, and then
and not to sleep. My spouse just in case went out with
baseball bat, but found no one there.

The couple reports that their home has its own
a story with a slight touch of mysticism that the former told them
home owners. A few years ago the old was standing here almost
a collapsed building in which a lonely old man lived
age Officials repeatedly asked him to move to an orphanage for
elderly, but the owner completely refused to part with
homeland. Then he died, the old building was demolished by building on
this place is a new cottage.

Maybe the restless spirit of this got into the lens of the Hernandez camera.
an old man who did not want to part with his home,
What is accidentally stuck in this world? It is said that such ghosts
completely harmless to living people …

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