Mysterious appeared on the Chinese riverwhirlpool

Необъяснимый whirlpool неожиданно возник на прошлой неделе на
surface of the Chinese river Qyantan. According to eyewitnesses to the incident,
a strange funnel formed almost overnight, while
the water boiled and frothy. Which is characteristic, no
there was no strange smell.

The incident is surrounded by a real halo of mystery, because
local authorities are still unable to determine the cause
the occurrence of anomalies. Experts eliminate the gap underground
pipelines, natural gas emissions and chemical spills. Composition
river water remains the most common.

World Wide Web users are pushing a wide variety of versions.
regarding the reasons for what happened. Some talk about the underwater monster. By
According to others, an invisible “flying saucer” fell into Qiantan.
Still others claim that a whole was formed in the depths of the river.
portal in parallel dimension.

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