Mysterious are heard from the sky in Hawaiisounds

Put on your headphones and turn on the video below.
Impressive, isn’t it? Maybe even scary. Surely more
it was those who were puzzled and frightened by this phenomenon.
heard it with my own ears. It is reported that a striking movie was
received on April 3 in the Hawaiian Islands.

Numerous eyewitnesses unexpectedly heard from the sky mysterious
sounds, напоминающие одновременно хоровое пение, рев огромного
the animal, the gnashing of metal, some electronic vibrations and God knows
what else. Hundreds of locals and vacationers called the mysterious noise
�”Fantastic” or even “mystical.”

The official science, of course, has its explanations like
anomalies, but they are not too plausible. Scientists talk about
natural causes such as tidal waves, tremors,
methane emissions and moving sand dunes, which is probably
nonsense, misleading people.

As the author said the esoteric teachings “Transurfing”
Vadim Zeland, science has shouldered an unbearable burden
explain everything and everyone, and when it fails (and such
happens quite often), then she either keeps silent or carries
God knows what – absolute nonsense.

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