Mysterious black dogs, which most oftensee in England

The story of the mysterious black dogs, which most often
for some reason they are met in England, you can start with an old story,
described by Rev. Abraham Fleming (1552-1707) in the article “A
Straunge and Terrible Wunder “(” A strange and terrifying miracle “). The essence
it comes down to the following.

August 4, 1577 parishioners from the town of Bangui in the county
Suffolk gathered for worship in the church of St. Mary. During
a storm broke out over the city, lightning struck the church, and
then a terrible Cerberus burst into her building.

A giant black dog rushed in through the doors.
with parishioners. Two men at the sight of a monster with a prayer fell on
knees, and the dog, having rushed past them, somehow twisted its necks
both, and the unfortunate fell dead … After that, the black monster is so
quickly disappeared, and it was not clear where, and left behind two
still warm corpse.

Later, residents of the town learned that on the same day the monster
originally broke into the Church of the Holy Trinity in the village of Blitburg,
which is 12 miles from bangui. During сильной грозы крестьяне
hid under the church vaults, and here at the next
the thundering thunder of the door suddenly opened – and a huge
the dog, who seemed to be a fiend of hell, roared through the crowd with a roar, killing
go boy and man. At the same moment the church spire failed
through the roof down. After the dog ran away, the doors remained
traces of his claws in the form of tan, which are visible today …

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