Mysterious bridge in indiana capablemove you to another dimension

Few people know that in the American city of Avon in Indiana
there is supposedly a supernatural railway bridge with
amazing properties. Until recently, the secrets of this
facilities were only available to local residents, but one of
the townspeople made the video below, which told about
paranormalschine this place, and posted video on the Internet.

The material quickly gained popularity, riveted attention
folklorists, researchers of anomalous phenomena and simple
World Wide Web users for whom this world is real
mystery and to some extent even a fairy tale that we never
doskazali in childhood.

It is known that the Avon Bridge was built in 1906. City
legend has it that when building a bridge, a certain worker fell into
wet cement and drowned in it, and his colleagues, not wanting to engage
removing the body, just walled him in one of the supports. Believed
that since then every passing train awakens the spirit of the deceased
the builder, and his ephemeral figure appears on the rails. According to
another myth, a mother and a little daughter once fell from a bridge. Both
died on the spot. From now on you can hear the muffled crying
Ghostly woman, yearning for her child. Locals
there is even a long tradition of honking every time they pass
on the road below. They say that if you drown out the sob of a ghost, then
he will do no harm to you, otherwise …

If this is not enough, the mysterious Avon Bridge
capable of great miracles: according to the townspeople, he can
move you to another dimension. Say, on each anniversary
the opening of the bridge begins a thunderstorm with rain that continues throughout
night, and if in this fateful day go under the arch at night, then you can
get into the parallel world. What is there, nobody knows
since no one has returned from there. It is noteworthy that
no one also knows the exact date of the opening of the bridge, so each
a night trip here in bad weather may be your last. AT
In 2011, for example, 13-year-old Maggie disappeared without a trace
Goldstin, and her not found until now. ATесьма подозрительно, что
the girl disappeared, running away from home at night during
storm …

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