Mysterious “Brokensky ghost” walked through the fogin France

Another Brokensian ghost hit the camera, and this time
happy witness dagadatsya capture mysterious phenomenon on
video, not in the picture.

Photographer and hiking traveler Florian Clement from French
Department of the Gironde recently went to Dune in Pyla – the most
a large sand dune of Europe, located at Arkashonskogo
the gulf. By turning on the entry below, you can see
gigantic human shadow walking in thick fog which
enveloped a 130-meter sandy hill. According to the French, it was
amazing sight that he will remember for a lifetime.

If you do not know what is happening, you can really think that
it is about something supernatural. In fact, it is very
rare, but quite understandable optical phenomenon, when the shadow
a person is cast by the sun into the mist or clouds. Thanks
over the long term, it acquires a huge size, volumetric appearance and
bizarre, disproportionate outlines. Due to fluctuations
moisture scattered in the air and the movement of cloud layers can
create an illusion of movement of an ominous silhouette. In former times
it was believed that giants or gigantic
ghosts to beware of.

By the way, as Florian Clement noted, the Broken ghost
really behaves like an independent being, a little
depending on the person. Maybe the Frenchman is wondering
natural phenomenon is not as simple as it is explained to us by scientists, and
ancient people knowingly considered him a mountain ghostly giant? After all
Scientists and the nature of lightning explain very simply (remember at least
school textbooks in physics), but still don’t really know what
this is …

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