Mysterious cat hit the cameraobservations

53-year-old resident of the English town of Oldbury Dawn Page
проверяла недавно записи с камеры observations, установленной возле
her home. Woman suspected unknown perpetrators
turn over the trash cans on the sidewalk, why looked through
video very carefully in the hope of catching the “thieves”, rather
just teenagers. However, what our heroine saw on these
footage, made her instantly go to the police. By night
the street, hitting the lens of the recorder, quietly passed
an animal like a lioness or a leopard!

In Foggy Albion, the so-called phantom ones are widely known.
cats – major representatives of the cat family, the mysterious
way arising here. These predators are either far from
its natural habitat, and no one can explain how
this happens, or come into our world at all from the mirror.

Supporters of supernatural theories talk about
teleportation, parallel worlds, cryptoids and the like at that
time as materialists with varying success try to find
what is happening rational explanation. So now – many
skeptics said that the animal must have escaped from the zoo or
circus, and therefore walks free.

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