Mysterious celestial circles noticed inAustralia

Residents and guests of the resort town of Jeppun in the east
queensland australian state witnessed recently
mysterious phenomenon. In the sky above the local coast formed
large ideally even rings consisting of clouds.

Surprised eyewitnesses say that no aircraft in that
the day did not fly here, nor can any earthly aircraft
leave such smooth circular condensation trails.

  • Therefore, many Australians and visitors thought that everything
    the fault camouflaged “flying saucers” aliens throwing out
    so bizarre jet tracks into the sky. However, aliens like
    known to use anti-gravity flight technology, therefore
    talking about reactive tracks is somewhat naive, clarifying
  • Another version states that we have the result of geo-engineering, and
    the powers that be with advanced scientists are testing
    Yeppun futuristic climate control technology.
  • There are some Internet users who believe that
    All these “toys” are the vagaries of the rational clouds themselves, which, if
    to delve into this topic, can still not on that.

Be that as it may, conspiracy theorists have noted, but in recent years
the atmosphere of our planet, indeed, increasingly appear clouds
with unusual shapes, colors and other properties that
strikingly distinguish them against the background of ordinary steam condensate in
the air. Most likely, the aliens and the secret government are not
at what, and the planet Earth itself creates for some reason we do not understand
anomalies. Or this way “talking” with us,
unwise, gives us some signs. And it does not matter that
consciously a person does not understand them, the main thing is that our subconscious
able to not only perceive, but also respond accordingly to
they are probably the basis of the whole calculation …

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