Mysterious celestial radiance struck residentsIndonesia

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The conspiratorial YouTube channel “The Hidden Underbelly 2.0” has become
hot talk among millions of web users.
It is reported that the video was received on August 21 in the north

Mysterious shots demonstrate incomprehensible radiance, which is bright
flashes in the night sky, then goes out completely. In a certain
moment you can see how something is separated from him
red hot drops.

It is known that some locals, characterized by strong
piety, considered what happened to be a sign from above and a miracle
religious sense. Meanwhile, many World Wide Web patrons
suggested that it is an activity
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Other commentators talk about
ball lightning, portal in parallel dimension or failure in
�The Matrix. Skeptics are convinced that before us is the result of the gap.
high voltage wire.

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