Mysterious circle on the field of France and discussion inOnline on this occasion

We’ve got used to that crop circles mostly appear in
Of England. They became something like a business card Foggy
Albion Although such drawings on crops, of course, are seen in
many corners of the world. Another thing is that the British like them

And on June 11 of this year, the same mysterious circle appeared on
a field in France, in the Grand Est region, just between Gerlingen and
Sarraltroff Nothing out of the ordinary because
Even ufologists are accustomed to the fields, who consider them to be “tricks” of aliens,
and therefore with the advent of the next such “trick”
trumpeting like some kind of sensation. Everything as usual…

Probably, we would not pay attention to this fact,
more than that in recent publications on field margin even
tried to give them some explanation through a parapsychologist and
psychic writer S.N. Lazarev. However, we seemed very
interesting comments on this information that we have collected with
some sites where this news flashed.

So, we read, we are surprised, we agree or, on the contrary, we protest
against the opinions of some Internet users:

interesting crop circles really unearthly
origin, signs giving us some information,
is the encrypted code, or is it the tricks of some artists? I want to,
Of course, to believe in an alien miracle;

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