Mysterious “clot” flew over Ohioenergy

The video below was taken on November 19 of this year.
and it captures a strange bundle of energy that has flown over
American city of Columbus, Ohio.

In the evening a thunderstorm began here, and one of the locals
decided to take off the weather, fantastic flashes of the heavenly elements on
smartphone camera. The man did not even suspect that the lens
the gadget gets something amazing and unusual, and then write it
will fly over hundreds of World Wide Web resources dedicated to ufology and
abnormal phenomena.

At some point, our hero noticed that in the sky is rapidly
raced away, leaving behind a long train, a large bright object.
According to the operator, the UFO was like a kind of surreal blob
energy. Surprised American immediately watched the video and shot
made sure that the mysterious phenomenon is clearly imprinted on it.
After returning home, an eyewitness sent the received footage to ufologists from
known organization Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

Although many web users thought that we were in front of an object,
built by aliens, other Internet regulars
suggest that we can talk about the energy of the essence
giant ball lightning or even malfunction of the matrix.

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