Mysterious clot of energy scaredmechanics

November 9 this year on the well-known video hosting “YouTube”
A mysterious video appeared with the signature:

You can see here a strange flying ball,
interacting with my father’s friend when he was
together with two other mechanics in the workshop. This bunch of light
frightened him, and he and his colleagues tried to determine
what happened It is strange that they did not see white floating in the air
the sphere, although it is very clearly imprinted on the camera

It is reported that mysterious shots were taken last
week in one of the auto repair shops of the american city of cheyenne

Trinity workers performed their routine duties when
something strange happened. One of those present suddenly
felt someone touch his neck like hot
palm. The man flinched and, realizing that it could not be him
colleagues began to shake off his invisible hand and look around at
looking for the source of touch.

Surprised Americans looked at the recording of the DVR,
knowing that he constantly records what is happening in the workshop, and
unexpectedly noticed on her this anomaly, flying like some kind
living creature, according to the room. Mysterious at some point
a bunch of energy really came close to the back of our
the hero – then he started and looked around from the sides …

Many World Wide Web users who viewed
The following entry, considered that before us so
called orb. Orbs are considered something of a ghost, however
many researchers of supernatural phenomena think differently. By their
these spherical entities, inaccessible to the human eye,
but fixed on the photo and video, represent some kind of clean
energy that has little to do with the spirits of dead people.

According to the conclusion of such experts, orbs appear from
parallel world or live in our reality always, however
for some reason it is impossible to catch them with the naked eye. But it
sometimes it is possible recording video, and certainly
digital rather than analog.

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