Mysterious clot of light destroyed the wilda pig

Presented images were taken a few nights ago.
a Texas hunter who wishes to remain anonymous. American
claims to have installed a camera trap on the outskirts of his city,
reacting to the movement, and, taking it away after a day, he discovered
device memory is a very strange image.

Frames obtained in the dark show a herd of wild
pigs. However, this is far from the most interesting on
photos. The fact is that in two shots imprinted
incomprehensible bunch of light, which at first looked like a small
a glowing ball, then turned into a shapeless bright spot.

The following is even more curious: in the third shot you see a pig,
For an unknown reason, fallen down dead on the ground. Finding the corpse
the animal, a surprised hunter examined it, but did not find any
external traces of violence. Why the boar died, the Texan is not to say
condition, but he has a guess.

A man, like many of us, must have been bound by sudden death.
the beast with the advent of the mysterious glow, hovering above the ground.
Maybe it was a ghost? An alien from another planet? Guest from
parallel world? Fireball? Web users push
many theories, but no one knows the truth. Yes, and do not know
most likely never …

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