Mysterious cloud line stretches between the Southand the North Pole of the Earth

Mysterious ideally smooth cloud line having
thousands of kilometers long, stretching between the South and
The North Poles of our planet. If you do not believe, then
Take a look at the latest satellite images of the Earth from Google Maps.

Skeptics say it’s due to overlap errors.
virtual globe, but materialists are wrong. Anomaly
eyewitnesses from many points of the world constantly notice with their own eyes.
The reality of the mysterious cloud line was also
proven photos from the International Space Station.

What is it, is not able to explain any official scientists
nor researchers of supernatural phenomena. Some say our
�The blue ball being a rational being exposes itself
any treatment or renewal. For others, it’s about
failure in the work of the so-called “matrix”, where we all live. If a
to believe the third is a kind of religious miracle that foreshadows
something incredibly important. There is also the theory of intelligent clouds, however
she does not really explain: what is this sign from the side of the alien
us reason, what is he talking about, what troubles or joys do it promise? ..

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