Mysterious constantly circling around the sunobjects

Moreover, their size is simply amazing, because
some of these UFOs are commensurate with the Earth, or even significantly
more of our planet. In addition, the satellite SDA AIA171 is often
captures on their cameras the giant cubes near the star, then
rectangular formations that can not be
natural cosmic features of the sun.

For example, in one such recent photograph,
clearly obscure incredible size of the dark sphere, which
envelop the streams of solar plasma (see photo below). True,
astronomers with a stretch, but still try to explain it, reducing to
natural anomaly, but no one really knows why even
these “natural anomalies” give rise to our Luminary.

Even more strange anomaly can be called a mysterious ball
is about the size of the Earth that constantly whirls around the Sun in
opposite direction from the rotation of the star itself, moreover
its own orbit and at a constant speed (see

Since ufologists have been watching this ball for a long time, the conclusion
suggests itself – the object is real, it is not some temporary
star anomalies or noise when taking pictures that they love to bring in
as arguments skeptics. Perhaps this is a giant machine
aliens exploring the Sun, it is possible that this even
artificial planet, created for such or some other,
inaccessible to our understanding of tasks.

As they say, time will put everything in its place, in the meantime
researchers are conjecture. And no materialistic
explanations other than those related to aliens are not
looms out …

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