Mysterious construction found on Mars

On the popular ufological YouTube channel “Mars Anomalies and
Beyond “there was an intriguing video, highlighting the next find
virtual archaeologists on Mars. Researchers viewed images
the surfaces of the red planet made by the famous rover
�”Curiosity”, and unexpectedly noticed among our usual Martian
stones and rocks mysterious anomaly, suspicious similar to
man-made object.

Experts note with regret that earlier NASA scientists always
indicated the scale on their photos, so you could
ease to determine the dimensions of certain objects, but now
the US National Aerospace Agency abandoned
similar practice. Conspiracy therapists suggest that this was done.
not just like that, but in order to complicate the work of “space detectives”
and other researchers of Mars.

So what did ufologists find on Mars? The fact is that
the camera of the rover got into the lens of a strange cylinder with a rounded
the top. Moreover, he clearly stands on a pedestal. The authors
the finds are convinced that nature could not create so smooth and
symmetrical object, so here representatives are probably implicated
extraterrestrial civilization. Perhaps it is about their monument or
structure that performs some technical functions.

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