Mysterious creature captured in the forestDagestan

Dagestan shepherd from Kurakh district was looking at the beginning of the current
months at night a cow and unexpectedly stumbled into a dark forest on
mysterious creature. To the satisfaction of many web users
the Internet, our hero managed to capture the alleged monster
on the smartphone camera.

Turning on the video below, you can see
bush with a small dark head sticking out wide
eyes spread. When a man directs a flash to
mysterious creation, he quickly disappears into the foliage.

Of course, the operator was very confused and scared, because
hurried to leave this place. Despite the fact that the creature looked
small and harmless, the Dagestani decided that nearby could
lurk a great many such creatures that can pounce on
man all together.

Be that as it may, the intriguing shots taken by our
compatriot, circled many sites Runet. Some
Network users felt that we were faced with a fake and hoax,
others completely believed in the existence of such amazing
creatures, since many people themselves somehow came across
his life with something mysterious, incomprehensible to the mind, almost
mystical. Dagestani in this regard, as they say, is not the first and not
last Hero”…

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